Amplitude Eyebrow Color Mascara ~ 05 Deep Purple


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Eyebrow mascara that enhances the facial features as well as grooming the hair.

Enjoy changing the nuance with the clever color that actually makes the eyebrows look more natural as you apply more.

The debut of an easy-to-use color mascara that tints and holds any eyebrows for a natural looking finish. Grooming the hair beautifully and effortlessly, it gives dimension to the eyebrows and leaves them looking full and brushed up. This item will satisfy those who had found eyebrow mascaras unnecessary or hard to use, and will even become a must-have for them.

Softening thick eyebrows while volumizing thin ones, it provides just the right shade to any brows.

Comes in a lineup of five great shades. Choose from the selection of the soft shades that subtly accentuate the colorful eyes of the season.