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JILL STUART Crystal Purifying Essence 150ml


Product Description

Smooth translucence. A wipe-away serum that removes blackheads,
roughness and old keratin, leaving skin with a crystalline brilliance.

【For Reference】
It completely eliminates dullness and roughness when wiped away with a cotton pad!
The secret to achieving skin with crystalline translucence.

■When excess keratin is left behind...
When turnover is disturbed, old keratin that should naturally fall away is instead left behind on skin. Melanin-containing keratin causes dullness, making pores stand out and leaving skin rough, stiff, and without translucence. Beauty products will also feel like they permeate poorly.

↓After wiping away ↓

■Skin's innate translucence returns...
Silky Powder leaves skin's surface with a silky texture, while apricot oil, raspberry extract and other beauty essences permeate to supply moisture. Old keratin is removed, ridding skin of roughness and improving the absorption of beauty products used afterwards. Prune extract then transforms skin's beauty and imbues it with a crystalline translucence. It also contains baby mint extract, which is said to control excess sebum secretion.

Product features:
・For skin so smooth pores are hardly noticeable
By simply applying the serum and lightly wiping it away with a cotton pad, it removes the old keratin that causes dullness and roughness. Skin is left with a smooth, crystalline translucence, inconspicuous pores, and a glowing radiance.
・Cool and refreshing
It's made with a base that has just the right amount of cushion, so excess keratin can be wiped away gently without rubbing skin too hard.
・Improves absorption of lotion used afterwards
Thoroughly removing old keratin leaves skin feeling silky smooth. Lotion and other skin care used directly afterwards absorb into skin more easily.
・With beauty essences that hydrate skin 
It's formulated with moisturizers like apricot oil, raspberry extract, and prune extract. They hydrate while softening and supporting good skin texture.
・Moist, yet silky smooth 
After wiping away, Silky Powder makes the surface of skin feel pleasantly silky.
・Fresh and joyful sweet fruity floral fragrance.

Directions for use:
・After washing your face, apply three or four pumps of the serum onto a cotton pad and lightly spread across skin, then wipe away.

Beauty essences:
Moisturizers: apricot oil, raspberry extract, prune extract, baby mint extract, squalene
※Apricot oil is prunus armeniaca kernel oil, raspberry extract is rubus idaeus fruit extract, prune extract is hydrolyzed prunus domestica, baby mint extract is mentha piperita leaf extract.

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