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JILL STUART Hair Mist 200ml ~ Blooming Pear

Jill Stuart

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Moisture and shine, for enviably beautiful hair.
A hair mist that softens while delivering gentle fragrance.

Product features:
・Cuticle repair ingredient (hyaluronic acid derivative) smooths opened cuticles.
・Smooths the surface of hair, so light reflects beautifully to make hair shiny.
・Improves cuticles to reduce fraying, leaving hair smooth and silky to the touch.
・Made with moisturizers like raspberry, blackcurrant and avocado extracts. Moisturizers are delivered thoroughly to hair, imbuing it with fresh moisture.

Directions for use:
・From a distance of 5-10cm, spray onto dry or towel-dried hair and work in. When using together with Hair Oil, apply the oil first.

Beauty essences:
In all three types (White Floral, Roses, Blooming Pear)
・Moisturizers: Raspberry extract, blackcurrant extract, avocado extract, glycerin