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KOSE SEKKISEI MYV Treatment Wash 200ml


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A face wash with fine foam infused with luxuriously hydrating oriental herbal extracts. Removes old skin cells (the cause of dullness) and cleanses pores. Gently cleanses every corner of th skin for an irresistibly smooth and bright appearance. For supple, translucent skin.

・Contains carefully selected fermented coix seed extract, rosa laevigata extract to promote profilaggrin production (the source of translucency), and calendula extract for anti-inflammatory properties and skin-regulation. Saturates the inner most layer of the stratum corneum with high-quality “translucency cells” and brings out the natural clarity of the skin, creating a luminescent translucency as if the skin is lit up from within.

・Contains highly-moisturizing tremella fuciformis extract and vegetable-derived moisturizer that retains moisture for hours. For skin that is soft, hydrated, and never feels dry. This face wash was designed to create a foundation for luminescent translucency.

・Gently removes all impurities yet leaves the skin smooth and well-treated. The liquid formula is perfect for the generous amount of skincare ingredients. Leaves the skin irresistibly flexible and soft.

・Contains a vegetable-derived fatty acid and carefully selected vegetable-derived cleansing substance that removes impurities while leaving the moisture that skin needs. The creamy foam gently cleanses every corner of the skin.

・A fresh, natural aroma-oil fragrance that highlights your everyday skincare regimen.

Directions for Use:

・Wet hands and face with water. Press 1-2 pumps onto palm, add water, lather well and wash gently in a spiral motion. Rinse well.