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JILL STUART Blooming Blossom Curl Lash Mascara Brilliant Bloom ~ 02 lady lilac ~ 2020 Spring Limited Edition

Jill Stuart

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Product features:
・Lifts lashes and keeps them curled, like a flower that has burst into bloom. Airy Feather Formula forms a truly light coating and lasting beautiful finish.
・Wax formulated to create a supple and uniform coating that brings out softness without feeling heavy on lashes.
・Formulated with a sebum- and water-resistant base, so it doesn't mix with sweat and keeps lashes curly.
・Film type mascara is easily removable with warm water.
・Formulated with lash repair ingredient pearl extract*. It helps keep lashes healthy and soft. *Hydrolyzed conchiolin protein
・Features a frilly-shaped bottle designed to look like a flower in full bloom. The center of the cap is decorated with a rose peach Swarovski® unique to this collection.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.

Beauty essences:
・Rosemary extract, lavender oil, avocado oil (moisturizing) formula