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JILL STUART Bloom Mix Blush Compact ~ 2020 Spring new item

Jill Stuart

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01 blooming tulip
A set of pink-oranges like a vibrantly-blooming tulip
02 baby lilac
A set of pure pinks like a lovely lilac
03 mellow daisy
A set of coral colors like a gentle daisy
04 lacy rose
A set of rose-beige like a delicate and elegant rose
05 spicy dahlia
A set of cassis-browns like a gorgeous and edgy dahlia

Product features:
・Five colors of blush in a palette with both bright colors that go on true, natural nuance colors, and highlight colors that brighten.
・Using highlight colors on cheeks gives the face an on-trend look with exuding color and radiance, and an airy glow from within skin.
・New Fluffy Souffle Powder moistly melts onto skin, giving it a finish with translucence.
・Item designed to look like a single flower with petals of five different colors. Each petal features a jewel-like crystal cut decorated with a classic JILL STUART relief.
・Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free, paraben free.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.

・Compact uses crystal cutting to form a large single flower.
It sparkles like jewelry and has a vintage feel.
It also comes with a crystal charm shaped like a flower petal.

Beauty essences:
・Contains rosemary extract, lavender oil, olive squalene (moisturizer)