RMK Eye Defining Pencil


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An exactingly developed, comfortable application feel that springs forth from a color design that creates an exquisite mood. The new eye pencil that you’ve been waiting for is here, now available in four colors.
The rich matte colors fit smoothly without coming off the skin.
The gel oil formula glides on smoothly and easily, giving you total control of your look, from defined lines to smudged looks. Expect a beautiful finish when filling in the spaces between eyelashes or when drawing wingtips. And the moist velvety matte texture provides a mature nuance every time you use it. The soft rubber tip of the attachment is round and perfect for blurring, opening the door to a world of incredible makeup looks.

01 Ink Black
This shade was carefully designed to achieve a depth of blackness that looks like ink. This vivid color makes for a bracing expression, and a beautiful finish that elegant and modern.

02 Coffee
This neutral coffee brown is a color that has a depth you will enjoy when layering as a thickening color or when lightly applied for a thin layer.

03 Mahogany
This mauve brown has a slight overtone of purple. It works well with the skin and stays closely applied while having a moist depth and sense of strength.

04 Ruby Port
This is a deep burgundy red with high color saturation. It’s a playful tone that livens up fashionable designs while having an air of mature elegance.