ADDICTION Eraser Addiction ~ 2017 autumn new item


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You’ll be hooked on this eraser that flattens out bumps in the skin.
Even hollows become far less noticeable.

This product also functions as a primer, cleaning up obtrusive pores and shadows created by wrinkles.
You can even apply it on top of make-up for a soft-focus effect that peps up a tired look.

Spreads easily and adheres well with a light, fresh look that won’t look caked on.
You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to use, and this simple treatment will become a fun routine.

Product Features
■ Soft-focus effect gets rid of obtrusive pores and shadows caused by wrinkles, giving you flat skin with no bumps
■ Melds perfectly with the skin for a finish that looks freshly-applied for longer
■ Unscented

Beauty components
■ Rosa Centifolia flower extract, rosehip oil, olive oil (moisturizing)


■ Take the appropriate amount and apply evenly to areas with unevenness such as obtrusive pores or wrinkles.