ADDICTION Oil Cleansing All Day Reset 150ml ~ 2021 Summer new item


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Cleansing oil that resets skin from makeup and harsh conditions, drawing both your skin and mind closer to their natural state. Now with pore clear oil, which acts on the keratin plugs that make pores noticeable. There’s no need for double cleansing, and the longer you use it, the clearer and fresher your complexion becomes.

  • With a rich, thick texture, it leaves skin clean and feeling hydrated
  • Can also be used with wet hands
  • Can even be used on eyelash extensions
    *Glue made with cyanoacrylate components
  • Even removes waterproof mascara and eyeliner
    *ADDICTION brand products
  • Paraben free
  • Also removes fine particles from the air
    *Dirt, dust, etc.
  • No need for double cleansing
  • Citrus herbal fragrance


  • Pump 2 to 3 times onto the palm of your hand, work into skin well with your fingertips, then wash off thoroughly with cold or lukewarm water.
  • If wearing eyelash extensions, work in gently without rubbing the area around eyes. When wearing mascara, work in gently, moving from roots to tips.