ADDICTION The Blush Matte ~ 004M Burning Sky ~ 2022 Summer new luanch


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A simple, minimal case that pairs with our eyeshadow.
In a new design with an engraved brand logo, adding a three-dimensional touch.



In pearly textures ranging from delicate to rich, it adds sophisticated, beautiful color to your cheeks.


With vivid coloring and a mild, graceful texture, it naturally flatters as it melts onto the skin.


Through its sheer color, it sparkles like a veil of light, producing an exquisite nuance.

Product Features

■ Thanks to our skin melt technology that coats the powder with oil, you’ll enjoy a non-powdery finish that seems to melt onto the skin.

■ Formulated with moist, creamy powder, it feels soft on the skin, with a smooth, delectable touch.

■ Fragrance-free, alcohol-free, synthetic surfactant-free, paraben-free, gluten-free.

■ Eco-friendly and vegan-friendly.


001N Beyond Light 001N Beyond Light
002N Golden Eden 002N Golden Eden
003N Color Me Sky 003N Color Me Sky
004N Pink Bliss 004N Pink Bliss
005N Aurora Veil 005N Aurora Veil
001P Nudist Beach 001P Nudist Beach 001M Sahara Sun 001M Sahara Sun
002P Hazy Sunset 002P Hazy Sunset 002M Mimosa Sunrise 002M Mimosa Sunrise
003P Foggy Rose 003P Foggy Rose 003M Wild Ginger 003M Wild Ginger
004P Coral Kiss 004P Coral Kiss 004M Burning Sky 004M Burning Sky
005P Smoked Paprika 005P Smoked Paprika 005M Nude Romance 005M Nude Romance
006P So Emotional 006P So Emotional 006M Naked Veil 006M Naked Veil
007P Sky Flower 007P Sky Flower 007M Rose Latte 007M Rose Latte
008P Fuchsia Berry 008P Fuchsia Berry 008M Timeless Petal 008M Timeless Petal
009P Raspberry Chocolat 009P Raspberry Chocolat 009M Rose Wish 009M Rose Wish
010P Evening Hibiscus 010P Evening Hibiscus 010M Orchid Dusk 010M Orchid Dusk
  011M Posh Plum 011M Posh Plum
  012M Kiss The Night 012M Kiss The Night