DIOR Forever Velvet Veil 30ml


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Dior Forever Velvet Veil: the matte Dior primer with 24h wear that visibly blurs pores and imperfections for an even, smoothed and enhanced complexion.

In a single step, its formula in a universal shade smooths visible marks on the skin: pores, skin texture, fine lines, blemishes and the skin's surface. It procures a sensation of comfort that lasts 24h thanks to a clean formula with a strict list of ingredients, infused with floral extracts including iris extract with properties that contribute to comfort, pansy extract with hydrating properties and rose hip extract for a smoothing effect.

Fine and lightweight, this mattifying primer lets the skin breathe and achieves a natural, matte, shine-free makeup finish from morning to night. First step in a matte complexion routine, it prepares the skin for the application of foundation and prolongs makeup wear.

The Dior Forever Velvet Veil bottle is made of 15% recycled glass, illustrating the House of Dior's commitment to sustainable beauty. Non-comedogenic, Dior Forever Velvet Veil has been tested on sensitive skin.