IPSA Protector Sensitive Sun Block 30g SPF30 PA+++


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The hypoallergenic sunscreen cream protects sensitive skin with disturbed stratum corneum vulnerable to dryness caused by UV rays.
Contains moisturizing ingredients to condition the disturbed stratum corneum while providing a moist texture, making the skin less vulnerable to dryness caused by UV rays.
Prevents adhesion of dust and impurities in the air on the skin besides blocking UV rays and protecting skin from damage caused by external factors.
SPF 30 PA+++

Patch tested on sensitive skin
Non-comedogenic and allergy tested
Please note that this does not mean that all users will not have pimples or allergic reactions.
○ Fragrance-free, colorant-free, mineral oil-free, UV-absorbent-free, alcohol (ethanol)-free, paraben-free
○ Glutathione, Glycerin (moisturizing ingredient)