JILL STUART Body Jelly 200g ~ Roses

Jill Stuart

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Feels just like jelly. A gel-type body serum
with a fresh feel that imbues skin with translucence.

Product features:
・Moisture-packed jelly works even on skin troubled by dryness or UV-ray damage, imbuing it with moisture and drawing out translucence. It's cooling and jelly-like texture pleasantly hydrates skin.
・ Designed to release moisturizers from the base when it senses skin's minerals. *Depending on environment and skin condition.
・Refreshing texture and fragrance moisturize skin, whether straight out of the bath or on a hot day.
・The blessings of superfoods like kiwi, lemon, and avocado extracts deliver plentiful moisture into every inch of the stratum corneum.
・Paraben free

Directions for use:
・Take a suitable amount and work into your body.

Beauty essences:
In all three types (White Floral, Roses, Blooming Pear)
・Moisturizers: Kiwi extract, lemon extract, avocado extract, glycerin
Lemon extract is Citrus Limon Fruit Extract.