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JILL STUART Flower Couture Makeup Puff

Jill Stuart

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Product features:
・This new makeup puff feels as soft as a marshmallow on skin (soft case included). It helps blush virtually melt onto skin for a natural, beautiful finish.

・A plump flower-shaped puff decorated with a lovely organdy and pearl flower to make applying makeup even more fun.

Important notes:
・To ensure the puff lasts, avoid washing if possible. To wash, dilute a neutral soap in warm water and gently press the puff to clean, then rinse thoroughly, remove excess water and allow to dry completely in a shady place.
・Flower decoration is delicate, treat with care.

Directions for use:
1. Hold Pastel Petal Blush with the brighter shade (highlight color) up and the darker shade (nuance color) down, then slide the Flower Couture Makeup Puff sideways.
2. With the colors as a gradation on the puff, apply by moving sideways in the same orientation so that the brighter shade is on the high point of the cheekbone.
3. This adds a gentle brightness to the cheekbones to create natural definition. Highlight and blush color are applied simultaneously.

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