JILL STUART Fruity Fresh Scrub 125g ~ Summer 2017 Limited Edition

Jill Stuart

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A gentle massage with an all-natural scrub.
A thermal sensation gel facewash that smoothly cleans your skin.

Product Features:
・Gently warms the skin while bringing blackheads and dirt to the surface and smoothly washing them away. After washing your face, a cool feeling will spread as though tightening your skin.
・As the gel base maintains a perfect thickness during face washing, is allows for care without placing any burden on your skin. Scrub of various sizes and textures relax your tightened skin, making it wonderfully soft.
・The soft and spongy mannan scrub loosens the skin, while the large peach kernel and cellulose remove excess keratin. Furthermore, delicate apricot kernel and walnut kernel unblock pores, leaving skin smooth and roughness free.
・Use at bath time will allow you to further appreciate the changes from warm to cold, bringing you vital and translucent skin.
・Refreshing Fresh Fruit Cocktail Fragrance.

Directions For Use:
・Use once or twice a week in place of facewash.
・First wet your whole face, then take a cherry sized amount on the palm of your hand and spread it across your entire face, avoiding the areas around your eyes and lips, before gently massaging it in.
(It can also be used on dry skin) Then gently wash it off using cold or lukewarm water.

Beauty Essences:
Moisturizers: Kiwi extract, Starfruit extract, glycerin
Keratin clear ingredients (scrub): Apricot kernel, peach kernel, walnut kernel, mannan
Cool sensation ingredients
*Starfruit extract is Averrhoa leaf extract, Apricot kernel is Prunus armeniaca kernel, Peach kernel is Amygdalus persica kernel, Walnut kernel is Juglans regia shell fragments, and the cool sensation ingredient is Menthol.