KOSE SEKKISEI MYV Concentrate Lotion 200ml


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Oriental herbal extracts luxuriously permeate and hydrate every corner and every cell of the stratum corneum, awakening a wonderful translucency as if the skin is gently lit up from within. For skin that overflows with dewiness and clarity, ever plump and resilient.

・Contains carefully selected fermented coix seed extract, rosa laevigata extract to promote profilaggrin production (the source of translucency), and calendula extract for anti-inflammatory properties and skin-regulation. Saturates the inner most layer of the stratum corneum with high-quality “translucency cells” and brings out the natural clarity of the skin, creating a luminescent translucency as if the skin is lit up from within.

・Features Sekkisei-original technology that allows moisturizing ingredients to better permeate to the deepest layer of the stratum corneum. Absorbs deeply and easily.

・Contains three key ingredients: an ingredient that assists in permeation of moisturizer, an effective water-soluble moisturizer, and an ingredient that strengthens the skin’s barrier function. These three ingredients make skin healthy by “loosening,” “moisturizing” and “strengthening.” Coix seed water drenches the stratum corneum to regulate skin grain and reinforce the skin’s resilience from within.

・A fresh, natural aroma-oil fragrance that highlights your everyday skincare regimen.

Directions for Use:

・Use on clean skin. Saturate a cotton pad and gently pat over face.