LUNASOL Positive Solution 30g

KANEBO Lunasol

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This beauty essence delivers a beautiful, moist radiant skin just like a skin after the base makeup. The key is the oil captured inside the gel. Mellow yet light texture adheres to the skin to maintain a rich, cream-like moisture. A translucent veil of luster leaves the skin resilient and radiant, enhancing the makeup finish. Moisturizing Ingredients: Watercress (Aquaporin-3 Synthesis), Rose Fruit Extract (Astringent), Althaea Root Extract (Promotes blood circulation), Horsetail Extract (Promotes collagen production), Glycerine Fragrance: Citrus, floral and herbal scent. A feminine scent of geranium and rose ¡X in addition to the succulent orange and grapefruit ¡X draws you into a relaxed mood.

How to use:

After preparing your skin with lotion, smooth this product over your entire face. Recommended amount for each application is 2 pumps(approx.0.4g).