RMK Airy Touch Finishing Powder (Full Set)


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Once applied, as if it disappears into your skin with an airy touch unexpected from powder.
Thanks to its balanced oil formula, it firmly sits on the skin, creating natural and dewy radiance.
It reduces the appearance of pores and dullness while limiting the oily and sticky feel and realizes a smooth and airy finish.
Translucency is reborn with every application, with no powdery feel even when layered.

P01 Pearl type to add a sophisticated, pearly feel. The blend of silver and red polarized pearls creates a slightly shiny look.
01 No color type, which naturally blends into the original skin tone for a natural finish.
02 White to brighten up the overall skin-tone and create a sophisticated, radiant finish. Highly radiant with the largest amount of oil among the three shades. Also recommended for dry skin.

*Refill available: RMK Airy Touch Finishing Powder (Refill) in 3 shades.