RMK Marine Blue Spa Scrub 100g


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Gel scrub inspired by the spa treatment concept makes your skin smooth and pleasant to touch.
RMK’s unique “Clear & Sweep Formula” retains moisture with less stress on the skin and clearly removes unnecessary pore plugs and dead skin cells with a refreshing and bouncy gel that spreads smoothly together with the three types of scrubs.
Massaging pores and dull or coarse skin areas polishes up your skin and makes it sleek and smooth.

- Lightly moisten the face, and then take a muscat grain size on your palm and spread it over the entire face.
Apply thickly to areas where you are concerned about roughness due to pore dirt and unnecessary pore plugs and leave it as a facial mask for about 30 seconds.
- Apply well by massaging in circular motions. Rinse off with cold or lukewarm water thoroughly.
*Use 2–3 times a week in replacement of your regular cleanser.