SHISEIDO Elixir White Sleeping Clear Pack C 105g


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A whitening gel that you just apply at the end of your night care routine and go to sleep. Even while you sleep, the high-elasticity gel soaks your skin in plenty of moisture and beauty ingredients all night long, giving you moist, firm and translucent skin.

Contains active whitening ingredient m-tranexamic acid *tranexamic acid that suppresses the production of melanin and prevents spots and freckles


●Please use 2-3 times a week at the end of night care. You can use it every night.

● Take a cherry-sized amount with a spatula, place it on 5 areas of the face (both cheeks, forehead, nose, chin), and spread evenly over the entire face.

●Wait for a while while covering your skin like a pack without touching it, and the gel will blend into your skin.