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SHISEIDO MAQuillAGE Dramatic Eyelash Essence

Shiseido MAQuillAGE

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An eyelash serum that leads to healthy eyelashes with firmness and elasticity and eyes that shine with eye makeup every time you use it.

With dense W stretch serum prescription.

A mascara base effect that resets the eyelash habit and prepares the eyelashes that are easy to curl.

An eyeshadow base effect that enhances the glue of the eyeshadow and brings out the color as you see it.

Ball tip brush.

●Use twice a day, morning and night, after skin care.<When using for eyelashes>

●Apply the tip of the ball tip lightly to the base of the eyelashes and gently apply to the entire base of the eyelashes.*Be careful not to take too much or apply too much serum.

●Using the crest side of the brush, apply evenly to the tip of the hair.<When using around the eyes>

●Place the ball tip in the center of the eyelid, gently spread it to the left and right, and then use your fingers to blend it all over the eyelid.*When using as an eye makeup base, apply eye makeup such as eyelash curlers, mascara, and eyeshadow after the serum has dried.After use, wipe the ball tip clean with tissue paper. *It can also be used by those who have eyelash extensions.