THREE Advanced Eye-Dentity Browshaping Duo


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Color, shape, texture. A wax and powder duo for creating sophisticated brows.
This brow-shaping duo features a wax that allows you to draw each and every brow hair individually, varying the depth of color as you choose, and a powder that adds a natural finish.
Hard enough to make drawing your brow hairs easy, the wax’s smooth texture ensures it clings to your skin.
The clear color brings translucence and vitality to your visage. The accompanying angled brush ensures even fine lines stand out crisp and clear.
The finishing powder adds a soft layer of nuance and depth to your brows, helping to define your face.
The firm-yet-pliable elliptical brush ensures the powder achieves a natural fit.
Combine the 2 different colors and consistencies in your preferred balance to create a variety of looks that stay looking beautiful—right down to the texture—for hours on end.