JILL STUART JILL STUART Crystal Beauty Rich Water 200ml

Jill Stuart

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S03 blooming magnolia
The antique pink of the magnolia in full bloom splendor.

Product features:
・Easy-to-wear pink and luxurious pearl. Illuminating light reflection makes for dazzling lips.
・Spreadable with a moist finish unique to the lip blossom line. Fit stay oil adheres closely to the lips, preventing loss of pearl sheen to maintain a glossy, shiny texture.
・Mixed with abundant fine and delicate pearl powder. Colorful pearl sheen glistens, illuminated from the effects of the oil for shine.
・Brilliant color with just one coat. Layered application results in a deeper, stronger finish and brighter pearl shine while maintaining some translucence.
・Specially designed with the addition of greige Swarovski® crystals to secret mirror gloss and matte two-tone body.
・Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) and paraben free.
・Collection exclusive Sweet Urban Princess fragrance.

Beauty essences:
・Gardenia extract, Damascus rose extract, shea butter (moisturizer)
* Gardenia extract is Gardenia jasminoides root extract, Damask rose extract is Rosa damascena flower extract.