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KOSE SEKKISEI MYV Concentrate Oil 40ml


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A beauty oil that contains a generous amount of coix seed oil, and spreads easily and smoothly to loosen and moisturize every part of the skin. Offers a satisfying hydration and a feeling of vitality. Creates a glowing resilience and translucency, bringing out the skin’s natural potential.

・A luxurious oil with a high concentration of coix seed oil and nutrition.

・Contains a careful selection of vegetable-derived emollient oils (grape seed oil, olive oil, macadamia nut oil) to soften the skin and create resilience and radiance. A few drops of the oil leave the skin plump, soft and elastic, and looking vivacious, radiant and bright. Long-lasting so the skin still feels soft and pliable the next morning.

・Contains mainly vegetable oils that absorb well on skin, and contains an oleic acid derivative to increase permeation. The oil is rich yet does not feel slick or sticky. It absorbs readily into the skin and holds the nutrients within.

A fresh, natural aroma-oil fragrance that highlights your everyday skincare regimen. Uses the SEKKISEI MYV line fragrance as the base, with an added scent for further richness and relaxation.

Directions for Use:

・Use after toning skin with lotion.

・Squeeze and release the bulb on the cap to draw up oil into the dropper.

・Press the bulb and take 2-3 drops onto palm, then spread gently over face.

・When contents run low, pour directly from the bottle onto palm.


・Use on clean skin, before toning skin with lotion.

・Take 2-3 dropper fulls of oil onto palm, spread over face and lightly massage into skin.

・Afterwards, gently tissue off.