RMK 3D Finish Nude (Full Set) ~ 2017 Autumn new item


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Though barely visible when applied, its sculpturing impact is clear for all to see. 3D Foundation is purposely made so fresh, so easy and natural to wear, that you’ll be convinced you can hear your skin breathing. Designed for brush application, it has a texture so smooth it’s just like the free feeling of naked skin. Mix ‘n’ match three textures, Control Color, Foundation Color, and Pearl Color, to sculpt your face and enjoy sophisticated skin with a naked feel. Select the colors to customize your own makeup kit, and treat your skin to the ‘Fresh Glowing Skin’ experience.

About the Case:

A case specifically for 3D Finish Nude refills, allowing you to mix ‘n’ match your own customized kit. It comes with a handy brush. Unfold it to apply foundation evenly over the whole of your face. Or, fold in half to apply and cover smaller areas easier. The brush is made from PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate).