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THREE For Men Gentling Conditioner 165g


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95% naturally derived ingredients

“Leaves hair supple and smooth, while caring for the scalp at the same time.”
A non-silicon conditioner that brings suppleness to stiff hair and conditions to make it manageable, as well as actively addressing scalp problems.
It approaches men’s scalp to reach one better oil moisture balanced condition.
How to use
・Use after shampooing and thoroughly squeezing out excess water from your hair.
・In order to maintain the effect, do not flow off the conditioner completely .
・Amount to use: 1 centimeters in diameter round. ※Arrange by hair length.
1.Apply (A)
Apply from the hair tips. First apply thoroughly to the hair tips, and then apply remaining conditioner to the rest of the hair and scalp.
2.Message the front (B)
Use fingertips to squeeze the scalp firmly, massaging from the front to the top of the head.
3.Wash the back of the head. (C)
Massage the entire back of the head from the bottom towards the top and from behind the left and right ears towards the middle of the head.
After letting it absorb for 3-5 minutes, rinse as lightly for 10-20 seconds.