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THREE For Men Gentling Shampoo 250ml


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94% naturally derived ingredients

“Washes off stickiness and odor from the hair with whippy foam, leaving a refreshing feel.”
A non-silicon shampoo created with consideration for men’s scalp, which is sensitive and prone to skin problems just like their skin.
Coats traces of hair styling products stuck to hair and scalp as well as sebum.
Cleanses and conditions the roots of the hair, leading to a healthy scalp environment.
How to use
・Wet your scalp and lather thoroughly while brushing your hair.
・Amount to use: 1 centimeters in diameter round
 ※Please arrange based on the length of your hair.
1. Apply (A)
Apply the shampoo from hairline, equally on both sides, towards the back to the head.
2. Wash the front (B)
Wash the scalp and hair roots by moving fingertips in vertical lines from the hairline to the whorl.
3. Wash the back of the head (C)
Wash, moving from the bottom to the top of the scalp and rub in further, massaging the entire scalp for more than 1 min. Especially the back of ear and nape of the neck, Rinse thoroughly.