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KOSE SEKKISEI MYV Treatment Cleansing Cream 130g


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A cleansing cream infused with the nourishing moisture of Oriental Herbs sweeps away rough, dry skin while softening and smoothing its texture. Removes makeup and impurities as it purifies deep within pores to improve overall skin luminosity. Skin is left perfectly clean and soothed, restoring its radiance and suppleness.

・Rich in emollient oil that softens the skin and spreads with a pleasant sensation.

・Contains ingredients that catch impurities and other causes of dullness, including old makeup in pores and in between skin grain, blackened pores that cause dullness, oxidized sebum, and old skin cells that contain melanin. When the skin accumulates impurities and other causes of dullness, it can result in a crumbly and cakey impression.

・The amino acid cleanser catches and removes grime, leaving the skin clear and smooth.

・Leaves the skin soft, supple and bright.

・Contains turmeric extract to eliminate dullness from inside the skin, boosting the skin’s natural translucency.

・Can be wiped off or washed off.

・A natural aroma oil fragrance that enhances your daily skincare regimen.

Directions for Use:

・Take an appropriate amount on fingertip, dot onto chin, cheeks, nose and forehead.

・Spread over face, blending it well with makeup.

・Remove with tissue or rinse off with water.